“I’ve been looking for just the right person to photograph my art. You know, someone who not only knows what he/she is doing but also has an appreciation for art, is professional and delivers on time. Jere is all of that and more.” ~ Asake Jones
"For our wedding day, Jere was awesome! I had a number of shots I wanted to get in, a somewhat large wedding party--he completely nailed it and then some! These are photos myself, my family and friends will cherish forever." ~ Renee W.
"Professional and friendly, Jere fit seamlessly into the background during our wedding, capturing some incredible photos that entirely displayed the emotion of our union. He took our plan of photos, added his own, but most of all, his turn-around time for us was under 2 weeks! It was a small wedding, but the great effort by Jere will be forever appreciated. Thank you." ~ Scott Lane
“The photos are spectacular! You captured everything so well and I’m incredibly grateful Alec’s special day could be documented so expertly!” ~ Michelle Marano
“An absolute pleasure working with Jere Paolini; he has an excellent eye–the final product is beautiful, honest, compelling, and somehow he is able to get the shot without interrupting the moment–which is a gift indeed.” ~ Vashti Dubois, Executive Director, The Colored Girls Museum
"Jere is an excellent photographer and a pleasure to collaborate with on projects big and small. His gift (outside of taking excellent photos) is his ability to work in a variety of environments with a range of personalities and get the job done!" ~ Vashti DuBois

The Who:

Jere Paolini is a Philadelphia-based photographer and artist with over a decade of experience. In addition, he is the Executive Producer of jeremiad Media: a full-service boutique providing unique, high-quality photography services throughout the Philadelphia region and beyond. Here he specializes in photographing everything from portraits and events, to products and food.

Also, Jere is active in his community, documenting the work of artists and entrepreneurs. And he loves to share his skills and knowledge with others.

The Why:

In my work I strive to capture the dueling forces of beauty and entropy that are intrinsic to our world and to my community. As a photographer, these recurring themes enter my art through images of the exquisite decay of urban life, the sublime power of the natural world, and the stories of people caught in the tension between these forces.

I believe that art is a birthright, a blessing, and a form of activism. Focused and purposeful self expression can change minds, and therefore lives, and therefore the world.

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